High Impact Mixed Methods Research

Smoothmedia researchers are public academics breaking the chains to our ivory towers and bringing our vast wealth of qualifications and experiences to bear for industries, governments and social enterprises. We work closely with our clients defining the relevant challenges and opportunities for their organisation and researching and finding solutions.

As the mathemetician David Hilbert says, "a perfect formulation of a problem is already half its solution". Our focus is on results, impact and engagement, either within organisations or externally with the public, media, or policymakers. Our multidisicplinary methods crisscross psychology, sociology, computing, management, design, economics, and the creative industries.

Services components

Consumer insight

Products, campaigns, services and technologies are full of assumptions about how we live.

Our empirical and evidenced studies translate insight into impact.

We interrogate, reimagine, and design for the realities of everyday lives and experiences.

Research-led PR

We suggest the topics or you bring us your challenges.

We offer unique and compelling angles and complement strongly evidenced findings with independent and expert commentary, live experiences, authentic participant voices, and statistical hooks.

Strategic Foresight

Converting unkowns into knowns is at the heart of innovation.

Researching the future in the present is complex and uncertain. Our rigorous methodologies revealing lines-of-flight are predictive (what will happen?) and prescriptive (how can we make it happen?).

Thought leadership

Thought Leadership is not a role or position. It is the capacity to champion and promote new ideas as a trusted source.

Start or change the conversation. Demonstrate genuine, unparalled expertise. And give your markets a reason to sit up and listen.