Creating a Culture of Digital Transformation, Microsoft

Creating a Culture of Digital Transformation explores what it takes to create an agile, innovative and progressive workplace culture. The report makes actionable recommendations to help companies f...


Worlds Apart | #OpenYourWorld, Heineken

Our collaboration with Heineken on the Worlds Apart | #OpenYourWorld campaign focused on over 80 years of psychological research to inform and establish the value of common ground. By embracing div...


Futuracorp, IPSoft

The idea for the study came from a set of questions at the heart of integrating AI in the industry. How will AI transform our world? How can AI boost productivity as well as the value each employee...


Future of Experience, Adobe

The Future of Experience explores the impact emerging technologies have on customer experiences, both offline and online. The study aims to better understand the intersections of brands, technolog...


Humanity in the Machine, Mindshare

AI chatbots are starting to emerge as a transformative way of interacting with businesses and brands. Chatbots can be simply defined as artificial intelligence programmes that conduct conversati...


The Accountability Gap

Research report commissioned by American stock exchange Nasdaq and endpoint security firm Tanium. We worked with a global panel of cybersecurity subject-matter-experts to define the eight inherent ...


The Human Cloud at Work

The findings of the Human Cloud at Work add to the growing belief that wearable technology has a prime role to play in the increasingly competitive business environment by helping employees become ...


The Human Cloud

In June, 2013 as wearable technologies started mainstreaming as lifestyle and health and well-being technologies we investigated the emergent impact. Wearable technology has the potential to be bot...


Shift, Mindshare

Shift 2015 is a research project aimed at understanding the key consumer motivations for wearable technologies and the opportunities they present for brands and advertisers.

Smart Lives

Smart technologies have the potential to transform our everyday lives. We must address the inevitable data, domestic, technical, behavioural and regulatory disorder. 

Blackspots, Trend Micro

We conducted a qualitative experiment with an ethical hacker at First Base Technologies to ‘pressure test’ busy commuter spots in Central London and determine how easy it is to hack into mobile...


App Attention Span

Asset-lite and information rich organisations are disrupting every industry from taxis to accomodation, retail, entertainment, and logistics. The choice is either to transform into a software-defin...


Digital Diaries

Smoothmedia contributed to AVG's 2014 Digital Diaries research on how children interact with technology. The research features a global study of how 6,000 mothers in 10 countries describe the acti...



We used an open-source tool called Firesheep released by a developer called Eric Butler, with the aim of alerting both websites and web users to a security threat. Firesheep demonstrates the resul...


Generation Cloud

Our research team quite literally “lived in the cloud” for two weeks, bringing together online and offline qualitative research alongside trend analysis to elaborate just how many ways we inter...


Project Virtual Assistant, Mindshare

As we stand on the brink of the third wave of computing, the concept of a virtual assistant (a digital service looking after a range of our needs) is fast becoming a reality. As artificial intellig...



Innovaros was established in September, 2010 in Paros, Greece as a collboration between Smoothmedia and small business owners and community leaders.  The purpose of the Innovaros working group is ...