Portfolio project

Generation Cloud

Client: Rackspace

Our research team quite literally “lived in the cloud” for two weeks, bringing together online and offline qualitative research alongside trend analysis to elaborate just how many ways we interact and store in the cloud. The technologies we engage with everyday connect us in ways that we are only beginning to understand. More and more of our data is stored in the cloud; our music, contacts, files, emails, photos and videos we pull down for use and return for safekeeping. Many people don’t even know how much storage space they have, or how much they rely upon access to their data, services and social networks. People are talking to each other about their activities, concerns, and hopes for digital realities. Crucial to the findings of this project was the rising prominence of the concept of 'digital inheritance' and the complexities around safeguarding our digital possessions for this and future generations.

Theme: Futurism

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