Portfolio project

The Human Cloud

Client: Rackspace

In June, 2013 as wearable technologies started mainstreaming as lifestyle and health and well-being technologies we investigated the emergent impact. Wearable technology has the potential to be both useful and entertaining. However, how interested are we in using these devices? Can they enhance our lifestyles or will they just cause more stress as users suffer from information overload? And will concerns around privacy hamper consumer adoption of these devices? Finally, do we need more cloud infrastructure to support these devices, managing and analysing the huge volumes of data that will be created?Through extensive ethnographic research and supported by quantitative research among over 4,000 UK and US adults, we analysed how 26 everyday people use wearable technology. The result is a social study commissioned by Rackspace, The Human Cloud: Wearable Technology from Novelty to Productivity’ which reveals our attitudes to wearable technology and examines how cloud computing is enabling this new generation of smart devices.

Theme: Wearables

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