Value Exchange

Exploring the reinvention of market behaviours for the shift in focus from ownership to access and the emergent peer-to-peer, sharing, ‘trust in strangers’ and lateral networks of the collaborative economy.

Our work on Value Exchange

  • Futuracorp

    Artificial Intelligence and the Freedom to be Human

    Client: IPSoft

  • Project Virtual Assistant

    Designing a blueprint for the virtual assistant of the future

    Client: Mindshare

  • App Attention Span

    Investigating the impact and increasing importance of mobile devices on people's behaviour, and the corresponding business implications

    Client: AppDynamics

  • Digital Diaries

    Research into the digital behaviours and habits of children nine and under

    Client: AVG

  • The Human Cloud at Work

    Researching the impact of wearables on productivity and performance in the workplace

    Client: Rackspace

  • Humanity in the Machine

    The Promise of Chatbots

    Client: Mindshare

  • Future of Experience

    The Rules of Engagement for Brands, Technology, and People

    Client: Adobe

  • Innovaros

    Using emerging technologies and sustainable development to promote travel and tourism on the island of Paros, Greece

    Client: Pro Bono

  • The Human Cloud

    Wearables transition from novelty to lifestyle devices

    Client: Rackspace

Media coverage of our work on Value Exchange